Amanda McKim

A Close Account Of A Christian's Walk and Stumbles

God Is In India Part 1. Swati’s Testimony

They started to insult and tortured her because she was not able to give male child in our family. But my father did not say anything.


I’m Scared My Husband Has Oral Cancer

Our doctor started repeating himself "I don't know what to do. I really don't know what to do."

Christ-following Parents

As a Christ-following parent you are going to have to get used to the idea that not everyone in and out of your home agrees with your biblical views....

Anchor Art Ministry And Phase One “The Certainty of God’s Promise”

PRAYER REQUEST: There are more children in the ministry than in the photos. Could you pray with us that the Lord provides a place for our growing ministry for us to meet? Our house is a bit small. Filled with love, but a bit small for what we will need 😉 We thank the Lord for this opportunity. He is a good father to us.

I Didn’t Take A Pic And It Felt Great!

Why capture the moment when the moment is ours to begin with? It's not like a moment is like an animal that needs leashed, or a country we feel the need to invade. Moments are made.

Happy Father’s Day Travis

I am so proud of my husband. He has overcome so much in his lifetime and is such a great Godly father. I want to thank the Lord so much for giving us such an amazing man and role model.... Continue Reading →

God Created Us And It Is Good

The Lord did not create short comings he created victories!!!

Why Parents Should Double Date With Their Dating Children

It is important for your child to see the softer, kinder, opened armed side of you...

Unnecessary Load

this weekend I almost did something I would never think to do.

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