Our toddler Tessa is two and she is absolutely into everything. Her nick names range from “Hands” to “Hotline Baby”. If there is a way to get into something and spread it through out the house, Tessa is the toddler for the job. God love her and her little Shirley Temple curls and smile, but man she will make your eye brows turn white LOL.

Tessa, our 14 month old Easton, and I get home from a long morning of doctor appointments. I set out the eggs on the stove. I think to myself I have enough time to cook dippy eggs, we will eat, and from there the babies and I will head to Women’s Bible Study. First I warm the pan and check for messages from Trav. I come back to the kitchen and there is a whole carton of eggs on the floor. Ok…ok…I can deal with this. I get out the other carton of eggs, place them up on the counter, and proceed to clean up the floor.

I have the paper towel ready, mop bucket ready, and I am going to start this second batch of eggs without hassle because I am a multi-tasker. I spoke too soon and was proven right. Jr, our 100 something pound German Shepard, is barking at someone or something outside, runs into the kitchen, slips through the eggs, and knocks me down while I am cracking eggs. I land on my side, miraculously, the egg lands in the pan. I get up, and Tessa is slipping, and lands on her buns. I get up, and as I am getting Tessa up, Izzy, our other German Shepard, runs into the kitchen, and like a ballet of bowling pins we all slip again. I am getting up, and look for Easton. Easton is on the table.

In my mind this is ok because he’s not on the floor with us. I get up and I feel like I have to use the bathroom like now! I lift Tessa and I hear glass clanging. Then I hear a shatter. Easton broke a candle holder. I scoop up Tessa in my arms, and hurriedly scurry to him. I am trying not to slip on this spread out blobby mess of raw egg to get to him. As I am cleaning up the table, inspecting and pulling little shards of glass out of his precious finger, I smell eggs burning.

I panic, forget about the eggs on the floor, slip, stub my toe doing the splits across the eggs on the floor, and pee myself. Yes! I just said it. I peed my pants. Now let’s go back to the bladder thing….If I feel my bladder that means I have about 2 to 3 minutes until I have to get to the bathroom. 7 children on one bladder just is not right! There are major repercussions from 7 children playing kick ball on one bladder LOL. I’m thinking to myself “Really Amanda? OMGOSH Really Amanda?????” Yeah really I stripped down; put both babies in the crib; took a 3 minute shower; got dressed; cleaned the eggs; poured straight up Lysol All purpose cleaner on the floor; mopped; got the babies out of the crib; and cooked some eggs!

I feel accomplished…exhausted….but accomplished. I look at the time on the stove and I have about 8 minutes until I have to meet Amy, and I am thinking I will go to the bible study next week. I am making all of these excuses in my head to stay home and just stew in my frustration. Yeah I am pouting. I’ll admit it. Wah my eggs were every where. Wah I fell. Wah my toddler broke a candle holder and got glass in his finger. Wah my eggs burnt, and I peed myself. Wah, Wah, Wah! Then I got to thinking that the enemy did everything he could to try to get me to stay home, and stay upset. The eggs are cleaned up. Easton is fine. I changed my pants and got cleaned up. We did eventually eat eggs, and to be honest I didn’t like that candle holder anyways. I need to stop making excuses and go for some much needed fellowship with the ladies!

So I get the kids in the car. I head to Amy’s house. I am knocking on her door, and she isn’t coming to answer it. I’m thinking “Oh no. I must have just missed her. I made it on time. No!” Amy’s husband  Ken walks up from the church to see what what’s going on. I tell him I’m there to go with Amy for the Women’s Bible Study. Ken said “Oh they cancelled the bible study and will start next Tuesday. It was announced at the beginning of service Sunday.” By that time Amy walks up, and we start talking. She is apologizing to me. Goodness, she didn’t have to apologize to me. I was the one late to the Sunday service, and missed the announcements. I am not bothered in the least bit.

God intended me to go out and do something else. So I did. I took the babies to the park down the road. I got some great shots on the camera of the babies playing, and swinging. From there I decided to take the babies on a drive around our beautiful neighborhood to get some more Autumn shots. That time was not wasted. The Lord set aside that time for me to relax and go out to do something that I enjoy doing. I love playing with the babies, driving, and leisurely taking pictures. These are things I’ve been meaning to do, but I never get around to doing it.

The Lord knew if I got mad enough, I would want to get out of the house. Recreation is a form of investing yourself! God wants us to love ourselves enough to invest in ourselves. Nurturing yourself is part of growing. You can’t expect a tree to grow with food, water, light, and forgiving conditions. That tree won’t grow without any of it, and neither will you! So go out, do something that you love. Something you’ve meaning to fit time in for. Invest in yourself. Your responsibilities will be there when you get back. Like I found out, you might relieve a woe or two. xoxoxoxo