Every good work is God inspired. Don’t think for a minute whether someone believed in the Lord, or not, during a great discovery it is not a God inspired act. The Lord blesses people from all walks of life with gifts and abilities, but he also gave us free will to believe in him, or to choose not to. I hear about how there are some Christian groups that won’t treat their children with medicines that could save their life, because “It’s not God made.” That’s your choice, but don’t lower God’s ability because of your misunderstanding that the Lord works through us all in very very mighty ways.

The Constitution we love so much…. God inspired through Agnostics, and Thank God for that! The discovery of DNA…God inspired through an Atheist, and Thank you Lord for that. There have been great discoveries and solutions created by non-believers that are God inspired through out history and thank God for their willingness to listen. Don’t judge or mistreat a non believer, and don’t discredit how mighty our God really is!