​If you only do what pleases people, or only what other’s understand, you’ll never get that far at anything you’re trying to do. I mean in ministry, your own walk with Christ, relationships, work, business, absolutely anything. You’re always going to have those that don’t understand and reject you. You’ll always have those that are only out for themselves and they abandon you. You’ll always have those that envy you and they will belittle you. 

But you know what supercedes any of those people and their behavior? The fact that you are not alone, and you have a God that loves you more than you’ll ever know. He will open doors for you; give you a great support system; be there for you when you are faced with more than you can bare; and he saved you and made you new!  So keep on that course. What ever you do don’t stop. Don’t let Satan rent space in your head. Let God shape and mold you into who you are meant to be in his image, his image is love. ♡♡♡

I’m made new, he saved me, I was made for a purpose, and so are you. I’m being molded and shaped by love, into who I’m meant to be. Forget what other’s think and allow yourself to do the same. 
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