​You know if I loved on my mom the way my kids love on me imagine what that would do for her moral? I’m a very lovie dovie jokie kidding kind of person, but I haven’t been in years like that with my mom. I have been on a different level, but not the way I should be. If I tell Tessa “You’re my baby.” She will sincerly say “Your my baby too mommy!” I’ve never told her, or encouraged her to say that. She will say the greatest and most loving things to me, because she wants to. Imagine if I were like that with my mom. I’m not saying toddler like at all (although I can be a big kid), but loving so openly like a child. 

I like to hold hands, link arms, kiss foreheads, smack buns……”good game”, tickle sides, tickle the inside of ears, and slide flower stems up the nose holes of my loved ones when they aren’t looking. I’d never Wet Willie her….that honor goes to my brother in law, but I would chase her around with a stuffed animal and corner her just to tickle her. So why haven’t I done it?  The answer is simple. It’s not her at all, it’s my hardened heart. She hasn’t done anything per se, which isn’t fair to begin with, and so I’VE hardened my heart.

See when my Tessie loves up on me she does it with an opened heart. I’ve disappointed Tessa. I’ve made her cry, but she still loves me with an open heart. Aren’t we called to love others with an open heart? Imagine if we loved our parents the way we teach our children to love. Tessa loves me like her baby, because I’ve taught her how to love by loving on her like she’s my gal. She’s my baby cakes. Our parents are our baby cakes, sugar pies, and honey bunches. 

If we want our children to continue to love on us, we have to give them a loving example for later times in life by loving on our parents. We can change our whole family dinamics if we love our parents intentionally, and we love them with an open heart like a child. No one said you had to be a walking mat, but you can still love and honor them. The Lord knew how important this was and that’s why it’s a common sense law in our 10 Commandments. Exodus 20:12 NIV Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you. Honor is love. 

I know what some of you are thinking “Amanda you don’t know my mom or dad. I can’t love them that way.” Love can solve everything. Love them enough to pray about your relationship with them, give it to God, and begin to love them again in some way. Focus on your love for them, set your boundaries, and love. You can do this. You and I can do this together. I’m going to start today and you can too. Choose love and do it Godspeed