Recently I lost one of my best friends to a 7 year long battle with cancer. She left behind her husband and two boys ages 6 and 8. For me, I am not sad she passed away. Her and I had many conversations about her faith and about what the Lord had done for her. I know she is in Heaven praise God, she loved the Lord. What I am sad about is the loss of relationship. People are important, but the relationship is priceless. So in my grieving I would like to share 5 printable prayers and devotions that the Lord gave me to share with you that will help you in your grieving process.

Note: These are all instances I grieved over in my life time. ***I have enclosed a pdf link below each prayer for you to download these prayers and print any time. When you print just put settings to “double sided”. May God ease your heart with comfort and love my friend.

Psalm 34-18 (1)


Dear Lord, I know you feel my grief and see I am in pain. I can’t feel you with me right now and I need to Lord. Please put your hands of mercy and comfort on me and allow me to feel you and see you through this pain. Be with family and all of their loved ones as I know they are in pain too. Give me the strength through my mourning that I may comfort others as well. Thank you for working on our broken hearts.

Through this pain, In Jesus name,



Psalm 73-26 (2)


Father I come to you to ask you to fill my heart with the holy spirit. I don’t understand at times why people are afflicted with sickness and pain but I do know that there is purpose in every journey you give us. Please comfort me and my loved ones in my journey and I ask that I be a reflection of you so that my loved ones will see you in this whole journey we will go through together.

In my journey with you Lord I want to ask you to bring my loved ones closer to you and allow me to be a living testimony to others of how merciful and loving God is in our most trying of times. Although this journey may be long and challenging I know you are right here by my side. You are my strong tower and I will seek comfort in you. Thank you for strength as I receive it.

Til my last breath, In Jesus Name,



Romans 8-28 NIV

Prayer For Accepting Loss and Receiving Peace

Our Heavenly Father I humbly convey and give you my pain as our loved one is received by you in Heaven. Lord I ask you for peace as you graciously remind me that all works whether in life or death is for your good. I lift my heavy heart to you and receive your loving peace and ask to be a barer of light, a walking testimony of the peace you give. Thank you for the fulfillment of purpose and good.

All things good, In Jesus name,




Prayer For The Loss Of  Child

Dear Lord only you could help me understand why you would take a child away. Although I don’t understand and I am in pain I need your comfort. People say that the Lord will not give you more than you can bare but I now know this is not so. You give us more than we can bare so that we can rely on you and your comfort. Through this loss, pain, anger, heartbreak, and devastation I need you Lord and I ask you to comfort my heart, my soul, and my loved ones that are hurting with me. As painful as this is thank you for the time you gave us to love them.

As we mourn and until we meet again, In Jesus name,



Psalm 23-4

A Prayer To Comfort A Child

Dear Lord please comfort my heart and take away my fear. I will miss our loved one and understand that they are with you in Heaven and are safe. Thank you for loving me and loving them. I know that you watch us from above and care when I cry. I know you are always with me and will never leave my side.

With Love, In Jesus name,