Yesterday was spontaneous day. I took the kids to the park to spend time with them at. I ended up taking them to a park that has timed sprinklers and water sprays that come down like a shower or shoot out. It also has playground equipment with shade and praise God a bathroom! Our youngest three, Sadie 9; Tessa 5; and Easton 3, wanted to go play in the water. None of us have towels or water gear in our possession so I figure why not. Let’s have some fun.

Easton, who could care less about water and more about dirt and bugs, is having a blast in the round enclosure of  many water sprinklers and sprays on a timer squirting up from the AstroTurf and many goofy shaped pipes and into the air or directly down. Tessa who is wearing layers (that will have to be peeled off of her) is running through the water as each timer goes of to spray and douse and each child or person who dares to play. Her tongue out and she along side her brother is laughing uncontrollably with him. Sadie, that girl impresses me. She was playing with all of the other kids, no one she knew, and having a great time too.

This was too good to pass up. I wasn’t wearing a white t-shirt so I figured I could play along. So I ran in there and scooped up my toddlers one at a time and ran through the pipes that pour and the sprinklers that tickle with their little laughing selves. One by one I found myself laughing with them as the water doused and sprayed us down. It was so fun.

I took a minute to get the water out of my eyes, let Tessa and Easton play with the other children there, and chase our teens for a soggy hug when I realized I’m the only adult in the enclosure. Not only that, the other adults are wearing swimsuits (me: t-shirt and jean shorts) and they are all either on their phones or taking pictures with them. ****Now, before I go on I want to make a quick disclaimer: I am not judging these parents at all. Trust me! If anything I thought “So this is what I look like when I am out with my kids?”

I got so sad. Look at all the moments I have missed out on. Look at all the moments these other parents are missing out on. Look at all of the moment we all have missed out on while taking those perfect pics and socializing on social media instead of playing with our children. Look at all of these memories and moments of building a loving and lasting relationship that we take away from them when we leave them to play without us. I’m a bit emotional thinking about it now.

This is why The First 5 (our first 5 children’s nick name he he) are so well behaved and thoughtful and considerate and fun. I didn’t take those moments away form them. Sure we had moments when someone would take a picture, but it was nothing like me being on the sidelines waiting to capture a precious moment. Every second is a precious moment. So precious I want to be a part of that moment. Why capture the moment when the moment is ours to begin with? It’s not like a moment is like an animal that needs leashed, or a country we feel the need to invade. Moments are made.

In 2 days, one month, one year, 10, 20, 50, and even 100 years from now no one is going to give a hoot about those pics but you. So why not forget about capturing the moment to post it on social media and just live in it! I didn’t take a pic and it felt great!