It was not a tough decision to transition Anchor Tween (ages 8-12) into a co-ed art ministry. Bible and book studies are great but I’ll be honest the girls and I were bored. While I was building trust as a servant, I didn’t feel that the girls were opening up, nor retaining what they were learning. I love working with my group but there is not success in a cookie cutter environment. I would find myself day dreaming that the four year long pursuit to have an art ministry would come to an end and maybe I could bring the girls.

I could not wait that long and neither could they. After bonding while making slime I saw what the Lord was doing. He was tapping on my shoulder whispering “Here’s that art ministry.” As I chuckled at how great he is at setting things up I figured why not? Why not set aside those bible study books that didn’t conform to every child’s needs nor reasoning and just do it? Let’s be an art ministry! So we did. We are now Anchor an art Ministry he he >.<


There are more children in the ministry than in the photos. Could you pray with us that the Lord provides a place for our growing ministry that will meet our needs? Our house is a bit small. Filled with love, but a bit small for what we will need 😉 We thank the Lord for this opportunity. He is a good father to us.

Here is our schedule, mediums, and lessons:

July 6th-20th “The Certainty of God’s Promise” Anchor our faith and know the Lord’s promises are true. Hebrews 6:13-20 / Mediums: Cardboard, Paper Machete, Acrylic

Aug. 3rd-24th “Deep Faith” Jesus walks on water
Matthew 14: 22-36 / Mediums: Balloons, Paper Machete, Acrylic

Sept. 7th-21st “Seasons of Change” When Saul became Apostle Paul.
Acts 7:54-9:19 / 
Mediums: Plaster and/or cement, Acrylics

Check out phase one:

-We cut out anchors from used eBay boxes with a box cutter.

-Made “paper machete clay” (found a tutorial on youtube)

-Formed the anchors with scotch tape and aluminum foil for a 3D look.

-We then formed the paper machete clay over the anchor.

Anchors are now dried after three days and ready for Phase Two: Sand with sand blocks to form a rounded smooth look (If they choose to). Then prep for paint.

Stay tuned…