As a Christ-following parent you are going to have to get used to the idea that not everyone in and out of your home agrees with your biblical views, how you will manage your home, and how you raise your children. You will be called bigot, fascist, homophobic, racist, and callous (1 Corinthians 10:13).

I am here to tell you you might as well get over it! A Christ-follower does not cower or conform to the whims of the world. A Christ-follower doesn’t look the other way as millions of children are being exploited in the media, at their homes, by governments, and on the streets (Psalm 18:32-34). A Christ-follower moves forward in purpose and in love and wins as many souls for Jesus with the truth (2 Peter 1:12-15).

You take all of this and add being a parent to the equation and you are still a Christ-follower with the greatest mission of disciplining, or (in my case with my two oldest) winning their souls for Christ (Proverbs 22:6)! In Godly parenting and discipleship you do not have the luxury to cower, conform, allow injustice or exploitation, or stay put or move backwards (Isaiah 41:10). It just doesn’t work. You let the world know you can say what you want about me but you cannot infiltrate my kids (Matthew 18:10, Mark 9:42).

Yes it is hard work. Being a parent in general to one or 10 children is hard, but with God on your side he makes everything you go through 10 times worth it when you see your children being obedient to his will and you see great family dynamics unfold that will impact generations to come (Psalms 127:3, Psalms 145:4). Concern yourself with the impact of a Godly legacy not a worldly view of whims (2 Peter 1:12-15).

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this opportunity to be a good steward and teach your promises and truth of Love to my children. Thank you Lord for entrusting me to care and instruct your most precious of all. Lord I ask that you bless all the parents who are struggling to maintain a relationship with you to carry on to their children. Lord I ask that you give them the patients and mercy grace to move forward and brush off what the world has to say. Give them the strength and fortitude to move forward and righteously stand against the evil and injustice of this world. Encompass them Lord with your protection, your truth, and your love so that they will bring many to Christ teaching their children to do the same. We thank you for providing for our every need as you are a cool breeze on a hot day. We thank you for giving us the peace when we are in turmoil. We thank you for giving us the strength of David when the world is against us as you are our strength. Most of all we are thankful for your ultimate love and sacrifice that saved us all. We are in awe of your love and glory Lord.

In your loving name,